Charleston International Airport (CHS)
Airlines and Terminals

(Charleston, South Carolina - SC, USA)

A new and modern airport, Charleston International Airport is growing rapidly and attracting a rising number of airlines and flights.

This air facility has daily direct nonstop flights to New York, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Newark, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Memphis, Detroit, Washington DC and Philadelphia, as well as to regional air facilities. Five airlines serve Charleston International Airport: US Airways, Delta, United and Southwest.

Charleston's airport is state-of-the-art, with the ergonomically designed terminal simplifying the requirements of every visitor. The single-level terminal has two long concourses that are connected by a central atrium. Located to your left as you enter the terminal, Concourse B caters to international flights as well as some domestic departures.

Arrivals is also situated to your left, while on the right hand side of the atrium is Concourse A, which handles only domestic departures. A large parking garage has both short-term and long-term parking spaces and is connected to the terminal by three crosswalks.

Terminal Information

Charleston's airport has a simple layout, with two concourses catering to Departures, which are connected by a spacious atrium. Arrivals is located to the left as you enter the terminal building.

Concourse B serves both international and domestic flights, while Concourse A is for domestic flights only. The atrium houses all essential services including an information desk, hospitality counter, business center, food court, ATM and nursery.
  • Terminal - serves major US cities such as Houston, Atlanta, Cincinnati, New York, Detroit, Memphis, Minneapolis, St. Louis and Chicago. Major airlines include: US Airways, Delta, United and Southwest

The following list provides information on the main airlines that serve Charleston International Airport (CHS).

Concourse A

  • Delta Air Lines
  • Delta Connection (Chautauqua Airlines)
  • Delta Connection (ExpressJet)
  • Delta Connection (Pinnacle Airlines)
  • Delta Connection (Shuttle America)
  • United Express (ExpressJet Airlines)
  • United Express (Mesa Airlines)
  • United Express (Trans States Airlines)

Concourse B

  • American Eagle
  • Southwest Airlines
  • United Express (ExpressJet Airlines)
  • US Airways
  • US Airways Express (Air Wisconsin)
  • US Airways Express (Piedmont Airlines)
  • US Airways Express (PSA Airlines)
  • US Airways Express (Republic Airlines)

Charleston Airport CHS

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