Charleston International Airport (CHS)
Car Parking

(Charleston, South Carolina - SC, USA)

Charleston International Airport (CHS) has three main parking areas: Parking Deck, Surface Lot and Cell Phone Waiting Area. In addition, valet parking is available just outside the Ticketing area, to the right of the atrium. Either the parking deck or the Surface Lot can be used for short-term or long-term parking, with the surface lot positioned directly behind the Parking Deck. The cell phone waiting area is located furthest from the terminal.

Both the covered and open parking lots feature 24 hour security, being well lit and having guard patrols to ensure the safety of both vehicles and visitors. As is standard at most airports, Charleston International Airport has a large pickup / drop-off area situated immediately outside the terminal building. Disabled visitors will find designated car parking spaces located near to the elevators and crosswalks of the parking garage and wheelchairs and assistance can be arranged via the Information Desk.

Payment for your parking can be made either by credit card or cash; check with the airport Information Desk to see if express pay services are available. The parking lots accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Diners Club International credit cards. The following list details further information on airport car parking at Charleston International Airport (CHS).

Parking Deck

The covered Parking Deck garage at the airport has space to cater to most of the airport's short-term and long-term parking needs, and it has rates for hourly as well as daily use. The Parking Deck is connected to the terminal building by three crosswalks, leading to Arrivals, the Main Entrance and Ticketing.


Just behind and connected to the parking deck is the Surface Lot, which offers more economical pricing for both short-term and long-term parking. To access the terminal, you will need to pass through the parking deck and take one of the three crosswalks, depending on which section of the building you want to access. For peace of mind, the Surface Lot has a range of modern security measures in place.


The airport has unequaled valet parking services operating from 05:00 to 01:00 daily for the ultimate visitor convenience. Simply drive your car to the Valet Parking area just outside the Ticketing area of the terminal and a valet will take care of the rest.

Cell Phone Waiting Area

An area adjacent to the surface parking lot has been set aside for vehicles awaiting arriving passengers. The circular lot has ample room for many cars, which are required to wait until called by their passengers for pickup outside the terminal building.


Charleston International Airport is proud of its ease of access for the disabled. A system of elevators and ramps makes getting in and out of the terminal building simple for the mobility impaired and there is designated parking set aside in the most accessible areas of both the Parking Deck and the Surface Lot. Staff at the airport are only too willing to provide wheelchairs and/or assistance to visitors in need.

Charleston Airport CHS

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